School Uniform Recycling project

The ABC-123 project aims to encourage the people of Swansea to recycle and donate old school uniform items rather than putting them in the bin.  There are many families across Swansea who no longer receive a school uniform grant and would benefit from your generosity.  By recycling school uniforms, we can bridge the gap and help families send their children to school in proper uniform reducing the risk of bullying.

By working in partnership with local schools, Sure Start, Children’s centres, community groups and with support from Swansea Council, we collect unwanted uniforms, and get them to the children who need them the most, for a small fee of £2.00 per item or £5.00 for three items.

All items are gratefully received

We accept all items of the school uniform skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts, jumpers, cardigans, polo shirts and t-shirts.  We accept gym kits and football or rugby kits.  All items accepted with or without school logos.  We also accept children’s coats which we re-sell starting at £5.00.

All items are laundered before re-distributing and if they cannot be passed on due to damage, etc we pass them on to Oxfam for recycling, so that nothing goes to landfill.

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Download the school uniform request form here